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Angels Of Your Better Nature.

The angels of our worse nature are noisy.

They shout. They stir. They prod.

They look like fear, doubt, unease.

The angels of our better nature are quiet, less easily seen. But they are sure, confident, strong.

In a fight, the angels of our better nature would always win. But the fight is never fair. The first angels shout the loudest which, more often than not, kills the fight before it’s even begun.

The task is to create enough space for those better, bigger angels.

This means doing less, saying less. It requires patience and trust. It means knowing the first idea, the first thought or action is quite likely wrong. That’s the stuff of our less better angels. The stuff of the better angels comes later. It’s the spark of imagination, the unseen connection seen, the surprise.

Conscious thought utilises only 2% of available brain power. That means a lot of brain power lies either dormant or is channeled into activities about which we know not.

I’m interested in the 98%.

Getting to the 98% requires slowing down and being quiet. The 2% is loud. It’s at the top so believes it’s in charge. And most things which think they’re in charge let go of power slowly, reluctantly. Patience will win. As will faith. Faith that the real power sits underneath, unseen.

If you’re stuck, if you’re wrestling with an intractable problem, whether at work or at home, take the slow road to the 98%. The answer will be there, if you’ll just give it a chance to surface.

All the creativity, wisdom, energy and insight you could possibly need waits. Buried in the 98%.

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