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Are You Led By Half A Man?

I am.

We see only a tiny spectrum of the light waves. We hear only a slither of sound.

And we use only a fragment of the skills, qualities and attributes which exist in us all.

Mentor extraordinaire and founder of QDOOZ, David Carter, has mapped 81 different qualities, characteristics and attributes available to us all but too often schooled, worked or otherwise beaten out of us.

You are one of 7 billion people. (I am too, fear not). There is increasing competition for, well, everything. More competition for jobs, for work. But the harder we compete, the more narrowly we see. We compete on ever narrower terms. Competition makes us blind.

What if we compete less but differentiate more? Differentiate means we play on our terms, to our tune. We can worry less about what they’re doing - whether they’re a company, a person, or whatever - and rest confident in what we’re doing.

A place of differentiation is how we lead too. And leading isn’t just something for the boss or the manager. leading is something for us all, all the time. It’s something for the playground as much as the work ground.

The opportunities for differentiation are many. We are a unique fusion of many characteristics - whether fairness or excellence or visionary or organised or expressive or excellent or independent and so on. Each of us majors and minors on a different combination code. These attributes are given life and breath by the words we use, the pictures we paint.

Yet all too often they are suffocated by the current, dominant idea; ideas like competition and winning and fighting and attack. And fear and conforming and doubt too.

The old language has dug up an absolute shit show - environmentally, ecologically, socially, politically and economically.

The world needs businesses to operate in new ways.

And this starts with a new kind of leading; individual, rounded and brave, leading which draws on the whole person.

Work Like A Tree.

Your Vulnerability Window.