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Your Vulnerability Window.

What happens if our greatest weakness is a doorway to our greatest opportunity? Kind of like the matrix, but in the real world. With or without Keanu.

I like to create things, to have ideas, to relentlessly push on, to do - to the extent that when I’m not I feel dis-ease, an itch of concern.

I always saw this creativity, this will to do, a drive to make things happen as strengths, which they are. But they also hide weaknesses - or, less weaknesses, more vulnerabilities.

These vulnerabilities are the glitch in the system. The imperfect spot where huge transformative wisdom lies in wait, sitting idle, ready to be awoken.

We sense into this possibility when we go a little slow and when we see our strengths for what else they might be - hiding a window of opportunity. A flip of the vulnerability coin.

We all have a window. We have it individually. Our companies and organisations have it too. You know it’s there. Slow down, sense it, open it and check out the view.

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