Working with companies and their people, making things a little bit better, all of the time.


Will You Help Me With This?

You work hard. Harder than your employer deserves, probably.

You have energy and insight and creativity and wisdom. You have ideas for how things might be made better, how to improve the company, how it works, what it does. But you don’t say. It’s not your place. The time is not right. You don’t want to make trouble. Except you do really.

We all do - want to make trouble, that is. Not in a nasty way. But we want to bring that energy, wisdom, creativity to work with us. And we have an obligation to too.

The way work works, on the whole, sucks.

Dysfunctional organisations doing confused work. Spending more energy managing themselves than they do creating impact in the world. Inward looking. Political. Making shit people don’t really need. Or doing it in a way which consumes energy, not generating it.

You don’t have to work here. You can leave. Or you can change it.

The change need not start big. In fact, better that it starts small. Build some momentum, some interest, some confidence.

You know the change you want to make.

Maybe, firstly, just co-opt a collaborator. Ask for help.

“Hey, will you help me with this?”.

The first seed, the first conversation. The first little ideas tested.

“What if we do it like this, not that?”

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