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You Are What You Buy.

What you or your company make is a vehicle.

Almost everything we buy we buy to send a signal, to our group, friends, family, tribe.

I buy a new kitchen. How do I look in this?

I buy a Volvo. How do I look in this?

I choose this school over that. How do I look in this?

These clothes, that doughnut, those pants. How do i look in these?

We all want to belong, to be seen, heard, to be part of a group, a tribe.

If we’re in the business of making, creating or providing - every prospective customer is asking the proverbial question: does my bum look big in this?

I was helping the owner of a great little business the other day. They provide live in care services. They are honourable, knowledgeable, dedicated and genuine. A beacon of trust in an ocean of agency scams.

Price is important to them. So important, they promise fees lower than the competition - not because they’re competing on price but because they believe it’s fair.

Except there’s a problem.

Their customers are typically grown up children. They’re making a tough decision at an emotionally charged time. They need live in care for their parents. They might feel guilty. They might feel hopeful. They might be desperate. Who knows.

One things for sure: they don’t want to feel cheap.

Sure, be good value. Sure, charge less. But the words you use become your customers story. And feeling cheap doesnt feel good when it comes to caring for your elderly parents.

Choosing live in carers is like any other purchase. We want to feel better, to look good, to be reassured.

A great purchase - the thing you make or share or provide - is one which makes me feel big and strong and part of something.

Choose your words carefully. And remember:

I am what I buy. And so are you.

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