Working with companies and their people, making things a little bit better, all of the time.


B2B And B2C Is Dead. Sorry.

All companies and organisations are selling something, whether time, money, attention or something else.

There is no selling without buying and buying requires someone to make a decision to do something. At the heart of this is a someone. A person.

Whether we’re selling to people or selling to businesses, we’re selling to people.

None of us work in B2B or B2C.

We work in Business to People. It doesn’t matter if I’m wearing a suit or a swimsuit. All transactions are ‘People to People’.

As people, before deciding to do something we need to feel something. Its how we’re wired.

If we want people to come with us, metaphorically or literally, or buy from us, they need to feel something about us.

They might feel kind or warm, happy or sad, positively or negatively. Feelings all the same.

If you’re not working to spark a feeling, you’re not working at all.

If you’re not working to spark a feeling, people can’t choose to come with you.

Its Like FaceBook For The Super Rich.

Trying Pays Back.