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Trying Pays Back.

It does sound a little preachy, I grant you that.

But its true, nonetheless.

Why am I uncomfortable with it? I don’t like preaching, of being told what to do. I’m uncomfortable with cheese. And it sounds a little cheesy.

So why write about it?

Well, because its another lesson learned from the seven year practising philosopher.

I have been procrastinating, dabbling for months, looking for the thing I want to do. I’ve read a lot of books. I’ve studied - myself and others. This is procrastination, of course, avoidance. Steven Pressfield writes about this better than most.

What am I scared of?

Not being honest with myself. Not following my heart. Not doing the right thing.

All the while, though, I do nothing.

Doing nothing gets us nowhere. And who wants to go nowhere? Going somewhere is far more desirable. The only route to somewhere, however, is to do something.

This weekend my seven year old went busking.

He sat on the garden wall and played.

It’s not a high footfall location but he played nonetheless.

Sure, he likes a little performance. He likes to try.

For effort and endeavour it was a 10/10.

And in return he raised £9.60 for his chosen charity (having agreed that having a purpose for raising the money would help his cause).

The signals were multi layered too. The sounds fed the funnel. The woolly hat and explanatory sign closed the deal. An end to end experiential sales pitch, from awareness to close.

Almost everyone who passed nearby came and dropped £1 into the hat. Of course. A seven year showing effort and endeavour raising money for charity, it’s an easy pitch.

But it’s not just a cute tax. Effort, endeavour is rewarded. By having a go, we send a signal, whether literal or metaphorical. That signal makes it’s way into the world.

People want to pay effort back - whether we’re seven or 47.

Whether it’s strumming a guitar, writing a blog, creating a new product or service; when we have a go, when we put ourselves out there, people respond, the effort is paid back.

Whether it’s £1 in your hat or something more, the momentum and positive reinforcement starts with the doing.

And that is what a seven year old sitting on a garden wall reminds us.

Make today the day to pick up your guitar and play. Press send, publish or just do.

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