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Its Like FaceBook For The Super Rich.

Oh, I get it. I know Facebook. I know the super rich (well, I know the idea).

I was recording an interview with the excellent Carlos Saba of the brilliant Happy Start Up School this morning about the importance of pricing right. He made reference to an old project - described as “Facebook for the super rich”.

As symbols, signals go, it’s a brilliant one. I get it.

We’re always looking for signals; signals that what I’m considering is safe, that I will not get expelled from the tribe for doing it or buying it.

Under the illusion of logic, we’re a bundle of confused emotions trying to avoid death. In that scary live or die world, we need help making decisions.

We look for signals.

Signals of safety, belonging, acceptance, signals that, in the words of Seth Godin “people like us do things like this’.

These are important decisions - to die or not to die. They make our brains nervous. Don’t fuck this up, big guy! Our brains need help to make the right call. The signals we send enhance or hinder the decision making.

How we look, how we dress, how we wrap up our business, our product or service. Signals like the prices we charge and the words we use. Signals like the colours we choose and the font we write in. Yep, its all a signal, broadcasting to the world.

Don’t just be a new thing. New things are dangerous, they are risky. (“I might die!”). Help me understand that it’s safe. Be like something else. I don’t mean forgo your creativity, your energy, your ambition, your boldness - be all those things! - but make it easy, make it safe, for me to come with you.

Open the door by making comparisons, associations.

Its probably not Facebook for the super rich, but it is something else.

What is it?

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