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Dance With Your Market.

Imagine you’re looking at something through a lens, a camera, binoculars. At first, the image is a little bleary. Soft edged. Fuzzy. But as you adjust the focus, as you play and tweak, slowly the image clarifies. It’s a dance. A little game.

Sales is like this, a dance, a game.

A transaction happens when the image clarifies, when the picture is crystal clear.

That point, that sweet spot, where the picture arrives, where there’s clarity, that is the point where you and the buyer are beautifully aligned. Sales is the journey to find that place.

You only get there by starting with the customer. Who are they? What do they like? What do they not like? What are they scared of? How do they see themselves in the world? The more you know, the clearer the picture, the easier it will be to arrive at the sweet spot. Sometimes we land on that place accidentally or instinctively. That’s all good. But that is not a long term plan.

Developing your business, your project, requires plans, intentionality. Customers don’t just arrive waiving money in your face, not all the time anyway. Not even most of the time (even if they do some of the time!).

Translating what you do to your market is a huge driver of your success. This is not a one time hit. Its a game, a dance. What might hit for one, misses for another. You need to take time, to understand your customers start point. What do they like, do they dislike? What are they scared of? What do they want to belong to? Do they feel recognised? Are they a risk taker? Do they feel powerful? These and many others make up the lenses through which we see the world.

These shape the emotions which shape our moods, our thoughts. These are the emotions which shape our decisions whether to buy from you or not.

Finding the magic ‘X’, is a dance.

Know the underlying drivers which effect how your market thinks, feels and does and you’re most of the way to creating some pull, some velocity for your business.

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