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The Value Of Wise Leadership in A Fragmenting World.

Fragmenting times.

Things are breaking,

The big institutions which govern us. The little political parties which represent us. The big and the small. Things fragment.

What is true at the institutional level is true at the local level. The companies we work for, or with or own, they’re functioning in the same fragmenting market place. They might not be breaking up in the same way but whatever is forcing that change is likely forcing a similar change on them too.

As things break up, people get restless. Or maybe because people are restless, things are breaking up. Either way, when they’re restless, people are looking for comfort, for direction, for security.

In this swirling, whirling pool, ideas around the periphery are firming up, gaining momentum. It’s people that give these ideas momentum. They flock to them, their focus fuels them. In people’s hunger for comfort, for security, they’re looking for a picture of the future which resonates for them, which they agree with, which makes them feel safe. When they see it, smell it, find it, they stick to it. And their sticking is the fuel which powers it.

If you have a positive vision for the future, now is the time to shout about it. It might be a positive vision for a way of working, for a type of work, or just for the way your company works. Irrespective, if you’ve got a vision, push it, explore it.

Now is the time for new ideas to form, to take shape. And people are looking.

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