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Life, Death And Company Rebirth, Buddha Style.

Universities, like many businesses, face fundamental change.

MOOC’s are about reach - and relevance. They represent an underlying direction of travel, a change. Yet not all universities embrace them.

The big research universities, like businesses elsewhere, are beholden to a model which made them great, while a new direction of travel slowly undermines the foundations on which the institution or business is built.

They are built to hold on.

The Buddha was an unlikely management consultant.

His teaching represents a model and framework to run and operate businesses and organisations more sustainably, more positively now and into the future. Important for our time.

Businesses come and go. Yep, like you and me, they die.

Likewise, the words they use, the principles they stand by, or even the very work they do - what the Buddha might have called right effort, right speech, right livelihood etc - point to an adaptability, a resilience necessary to thrive.

Patagonia is an exemplar which comes to mind.

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