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Are You A Sling Shot Activist?

Is it time for a lobbying and campaigning business to change corporate behaviour, one campaign at a time.?

Take Blackrock.

Blackrock is the largest private equity firm in the world. Their CEO a vocal proponent of social purpose in business. Yet they are the largest owner of coal fired power stations in the world.

You can’t shout Blackrock into divesting.

But they can be persuaded.

They are persuaded by what their clients think. And their clients, in turn, are persuaded by what their clients think. Universities give Blackrock money to invest. What reputational price to a Harvard, which competes in a global marketplace, of an association to a story which won’t go away?

Using techniques of sales, persuasion campaigns can achieve corporate behaviour change to create a cleaner and more just world. It it can be bought and paid for by a community of activists.

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