Working with companies and their people, making things a little bit better, all of the time.


Positioning Isn't Something You Do.

It’s something your clients or customers think.

It’s the space in their brain which you occupy. It’s part story, part seed, part idea.

Positioning is an emotional connection, rich in opportunity.

People buy from you for as many reasons as we think, feel and do. Yep, that many. We are a multitude of ideas, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

And yet so many companies talk to such a narrow view of who we are and what we’re interested in.

Take the big consulting firms. Looking at what they do, how they talk about it and you’d imagine all their clients are middle aged white men; analytical, technological, blinkered.

Prospective clients are whole people.

Some might even be women.

Positioning is an opportunity to differentiate, not compete. Positioning is an opportunity to represent a different idea, to own a different piece of your client’s brain, perspective and outlook.

Talk to the whole human.

A Little Bit Of Joy Goes A Long Way.

Angels Of Your Better Nature.