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Be More Buddha. Slow Down, Do Less (Because Less Is More).

If the Buddha were here, perched on that ergonomic chair in meeting room 4, what would he have us do?

We’d do less, for starters (because less is more, obviously). Less meetings, less emails, less phone calls, less NOISY POINTLESS STUFF (which is almost everything. Sorry. True). Even the Harvard Business School agrees and they know everything.

In doing less, we’d think more clearly - well, we’d work at it, anyway.

We’d get clearer about our direction of travel, our intention.

What are we aiming for? And why?

We’d then keep a check on progress. Every day, each week, month, we’d check in, we’d remind ourselves. Where are we headed… and why? (Clue: we’d make the target destination positive, powerful, regenerative and inspiring).

We’d turn our phones off (well, more off than on).

We’d get out of the office. Go on, go for a walk. You might actually learn something.

We’d invest in our suppliers, partners, employees and clients - because you’re only as strong as your network.

And most importantly, we’d do more JOY. Yep. JOY.

Work can, and should, be JOY-FUL. If something about yours is a bit shit, change it.

The Buddha is on your side. He is your coach. He is that old looking guy in meeting room 4. He is here to help.

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