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Be More Buddha.

Yep, you. Now.

I don’t mean sit down with your legs crossed. Although that might not be a bad idea (if you still can, which I can’t).

I do mean trail blaze. Aim for higher, better, more ingenious, more intuitive.

In these crazy times, where the world is speeding up and burning down all at the same time, where orange tinted men run whole countries and we slowly, methodically gorge ourselves to a bursting point, we need a new set of rules, some new guiding ideas.

For winning inspiration, there is no need to create anew. Better often to look back, to re-appropriate. Particularly these days.

If you start looking back, you can keep on going. All the way. Yep, keep going for about 2,500 years and see what you find. Amongst other things, and people, you’ll find the Buddha. The most succesful management guru and travelling salesman of his day. Whilst having gone out of fashion for some time, like all things, Dunlop Green Flash and Belinda Carlisle included, he’s back.

In these crazy times, what company wouldn’t do well with the Buddha on the Board? He’d outperform most company directors I read about. He’s an expert in change, so would help you spend less time chasing your tail. He can train you to be a better decision maker. He knows that all things are interconnected and that’s a good thing. I win if you win. He knows that care is a strategy which pays back over and over.

Get the Buddha on your Board. And if he’s not free, step into his slippers. Be more Buddha. Today.

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