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Humans. Super Charged.

Martin Luther King said the arc of time bends towards justice. 

Jees, he was good with words. 

Does the arc of time also bend towards precision? 

We get more granular. Quantum. No, I don’t understand it, but it talks to me, somehow, on a molecular level. On a quantum level. 


In 200 years will we look back on some of our treatments today in horror?

The scorched earth of chemo and radiation, for example? 

I’m not advocating against it, clearly we’re hugely successful at fighting, facing the disease down with these sledgehammers. 

But that arc of time bending? 

People talk about the super computer on our pockets. The little electronic one. 

But we are a far more powerful super computer. More powerful even than that one in our pockets. Our brains, our bodies, billions of years of evolution, the most effective algorithms ever conceived. More effective than Google. Yep, its true. 

Is this where the arc of time is bending towards? 

As we understand more and more about how we work, why we work, what what we do, what we don’t do, we understand more and more about how to harness our huge, largely untapped capabilities. We see this in cancer treatments which activate our own natural systems of disease. People, super charged. Making our super computers even a little bit better makes for MUCH bigger impacts, outcomes. 

This is compelling. Powerful. 

Maybe we’ll see this arc manifest in all sorts of exciting ways. 

Our companies, our organisations, for example too. 

This are just collections of us, people, individuals. As we understand more and more about how we work, why we do what we do and don’t do what we don’t do, so our ability to harness our natural energies, our natural capabilities increases. 

Maybe the arc of time bends towards organisations making better use of the super computers on which they spin. That’s us, the people. 

What an investment that would be. Us, the people, helped to be even a little bit better. That little bit better making for MUCH bigger impact. 

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