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The Cost of Doubt: E+C=0(squared)

Bubbling below the surface, like a hungry ghost nibbling away at my time, my energy, my life, is a seed of doubt. Doubt that I’m doing enough or the right things or in the right way. It dresses in many outfits, but its there. Doubt. 

By contrast, when I’m at my most confident, I’m at my most creative, my most constructive. Which is actually when I contribute most value and most enjoy being. Who wouldn't?!  

Maybe this is the real hidden cost to the economy. 

How productive, how generative, how positive our companies, our organisations, our time would be if people were plugged into their most confident selves more of the time? They would create more value personally, professionally, organisationally, commercially. 

There is probably an equation to explain it to the CFO: Energy (E) filtered by the + of confidence (C) or the - of doubt (D) = output (O) squared.  

There we have it. 

Humans. Super Charged.

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