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What Does The Future Look Like?

The importance of vision. 

China has a plan. A really big one.  

Without plan, a vision, China knows it will not rival the US in key areas; technical, industrial leadership etc. That means AI, it means Pharma. The Plan is called China 2025. 

Two things can be sure about a plan.

  1. You might not achieve it

  2. Without one, you definitely can’t.

How real is the plan? How evocative? Does it stretch, but is it attainable? Articulating the right plan, in the right way, which tugs and pulls and shapes to the right measures is key. A plan and vision requires imagination. It requires effort. 

This is true for us personally, commercially, professionally and organisationally. 

It’s instructive too, while China maps its future, articulates it’s growing and changing place in the world, our western political leaders blindly walk from one election to the next, seemingly devoid of leadership, devoid of imagination. 

No plan, no vision for our role in the world. 

The things we know about a plan: 

  • You might not achieve it

  • Without it, you definitely can’t. 

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