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Cognitive Load

When we’re stressed we don’t make good decisions. 

Stress comes in many forms, many shapes and sizes. 

I was stressed this morning because I feared a project we thought was starting might not be. This feels stressful, albeit in an unknown and imaginary sort of way. 

Given the inability of the brain to function well when its scared, or drowning in fears, whether real or imagined, known or unknown, getting to grips with our fears is important.

Our ability to turn up everyday, to create good work, to create value for others requires us to feel confident, to be well, to be happy. This is true for big and little problems. 

I’m less stressful and fearful when I’m well rested, when I’m exercised, when I take the long view, not the short view. I’m less stressful, less fearful, when i’m more grounded. Then I’m freer to let the noise of doubt of fear of questioning be just that, noise. 

A mantra for me today: Go deep, go slow, be fine. 

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