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Live Experiments

We need a pool of live experiments. 

For sure, the market in which you work is always shifting, changing. This might be true for your job as much as the companies we work in. Changing when we need to is hard. Sure, its easier for small companies, “we can pivot!”. But it’s hard. As worrying, scheming, analysing animals we don’t like change. We stick to our views (or our views stick to us).

In reality, of course, is that we don’t like noticing change (because rest assured it’s all changing, all the time, irrespective!). 

Maybe we need to trick our brains a little. These might be our individual brains, the ones we carry around on our shoulders, and our collective brains too, the ones we carry around as the organisations we run or work in. 

Keep change constant. Make it visible. Make it a virtue. Celebrate it. Incentivise to it. Highlight it. Keep people looking at what they’re doing. Why are we doing it like that or like this? Can we do more for less? Can we make it simpler? 

We don’t want to over analyse, sure, but keeping alive and alert to change keeps us in the present, which is, conversely, the best way to future proof. 

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