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A Crusty Outer Layer

Mainly I am writing because Seth told me to. And I always do what Seth says. 

He made the point, which he shared with me and his one million or so other readers, that writing everyday is a very useful practise. A great discipline. And he’s right. It is. 

It helps keep the brain asking questions, looking, wondering. It engages the sub conscious, the real super computer in our pockets, more powerful even than that other super computer in our pockets. 

The sub conscious is always working on our behalf. We dont know it or see it because its sub. Below. The constant whirring of a billion little connections, patterns in practise. 

Writing is a good way of letting all this good work come to the fore. Rest assured, its doing the work whether we see it or not. The opportunity is to create enough space to let some of its insight, its guidance, rise to the surface. 

Live Experiments

The Stories We Tell