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Signal vs Noise

Signal vs Noise.

Is a well worn phrase.

When reflecting back on my own efforts leading and running a business, so much effort would fall into the noise category. by which I mean there was a lot of it, it filled the air, but was insufficiently pointed or, if i’m honest, worthwhile.

Huge effort invested in pursuing clients who don't want pursuing.

Huge effort invested in delivering projects, campaigns, ideas, when the same output could have been achieved with less input. More pointed input, at least.

I operated on a principle of do first, think later. No, a correction. I operated a policy of ‘do’.

Looking back now I can see that much of my effort was ‘Do’, was 'Noise'. It manifests in many areas of life too. Z

ac, who is still a year from starting school, went to Outdoors Project yesterday. A chance to play in the woods, to get dirty, look for squirrels, find conquers. I chose not to take him because I was busy.

Noise over signal.

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