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More from Less.

Invest in 0% Growth.

The seasons turn, the mind follows.

We have a 100 day or so sprint/wander/meander to the end of the year - my collaborator, co-conspirator @BlairEnns has written about using that time well. Beyond that, 2019.

I’ve had two conversations with owners of businesses about plans for 2019 in recent days. In both instances, the ‘party line' is growth; nothing unreasonable, just a little more of the same.

It gave me pause for thought. Which is always a good thing. Pause and thought, that is.

Maybe a better manifesto for 2019 might be ‘0% Growth, but 15% change’.


Well, year on year growth isn’t really sustainable - personally, commercially, socially. I’m not sure its even that desirable in and of itself.

Maybe we’d do better do change rather than grow.

There are many things we can change. We can change: - (some of) what we do (for clients, for ourselves). - how we feel about what we do. - how we incentivise or work with employees, partners, teams. - how we charge and earn.

Achieving more for less, more with less. These are good thing to ‘grow’.

Sony, ending to begin.

Signal vs Noise