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Sony, ending to begin.


Its a good thing.

Well, it's a certain thing.

There are few certain things. Given its certainty maybe we should make more of it. Personally, professionally.

Nature has a great way of creating new things. The prerequisite? Old things die. It’s true for companies.

In FreeState days, Sony was a client, always adding new products, new iterations. They had a lot of products, lots of iterations. Too many? Probably. It was confusing. We only have so much airspace, headspace.

Maybe Sony would maintain more success if they learned from nature. If they killed in order to create.


Killing in order to create generates urgency. And need.

Urgency and need are great motivators. Much more compelling motivators than growth for growth sake. Or new for new sake.

We have been creating in our current form for nearly 200,000 years. Before that, in other forms, for 4.8bn years. And before that in yet another form for 13+bn years. That's a lot of creating, a lot of practise, a lot of rules already tested.

Maybe we should learn from these.

Letting things die is a prerequisite for new growth.

If we’re looking to make a change, whether personal or professional, what are we firstly willing to let die? Which darlings will you kill?

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