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What are you not hearing?







Sometimes we talk because we’re nervous.

Sometimes we talk because we’re buying some time (to work out what to say next).

Oh and sometimes we talk because words are really useful communication tools.

In that order.

Stop. Right now. Listen.

Listening is good. Really good.

Listening to customers, clients, employees, partners.

What are they really saying?

Knowing what they’re really saying is important. They’re telling you what they want. Oh, and that’s not your product or service; your product or service is a thing they want because they think it helps with the other thing they want.

Customers and clients buy products and services (hopefully!*) because it helps them with something - something important to them, something personal, professional, commercial or organisational.

Do you know what it is?

* if they’re not buying your product or service at all, its because they a) don’t know about it or b) they don’t think its helping them with the thing they really want. But that’s a story for another day.

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