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It's All In Your Mind

Novak Djokovic tweaked his.

Tiger Woods lost his.

Team Sky has it.


The right mindset.

Mindset is an edge. It helps winning teams be winning teams. It can be trained. It must always be worked on. But, left to its devices, what was positive can easily become negative.

Across sports fields, pitches and courts, the right mindset can be the difference between winning and losing, between your great talents vanquishing someone else’s or, even, between your ‘not so great talents’ vanquishing the far greater. Mindset moves mountains, it shifts gears.

Sports teams know it. Individuals know it.

And what is true for them, might be true for you too.

First, aim high. Really. Be ambitious. It’s not as though we’re short of problems, challenges globally.

Then, like Novak, word on your mind to ensure you get there.

What are you not hearing?

You Are Worth More Than You Think (well, some of you anyway)