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You Are Worth More Than You Think (well, some of you anyway)

If you’re turning up, focused on your clients and customers, care about what you do, to the extent you’ve practised it along time, think about how to improve it, to make it more useful, more valuable for the people who buy it, then you’re almost certainly worth more than you think.

What we charge is important. Important because, whatever we’re doing - whether our driving motivation is social, personal, emotional or ‘only’ commercial - we need money.

It’s also important because it sends a signal. It says ‘I am important and this is good’. It’s a flag. It helps the interested buy.

In the early days running FreeState our pitch was ‘hope-full’ (full of hope but little else!); “give us £5k and we’ll show you what we can do”. Pleeeeeeeaase. One day we changed the ask from £5k to £45k and immediately more people bought, more of the time.

What we charge is important.

And, if you’re doing the work, thinking it through, investing time, money, effort into it, you’re (almost) certainly worth it.

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