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Is That A Good Idea?

Interrupting in marketing has a bad wrap. Have permission, we’re told! Good advice, in the main.

Less good if you’re looking for customers, for people to find you.

They need a little bit of interruption at some point, at some time.

We’re scanners, constantly looking, largely subconsciously. Matching this with that and that with this. While the patterns match we’re left to carry on as we are, blindly, willfully doing what we’re told.

What we need is a little bit of interruption. Something that causes the scanner - the scanner in your brain, just in case you’re wondering - to flag, to beep, to taste some incongruity. Like a radar reading the waves.

To get capture attention you need to interrupt me. You need to insert yourself into my radar. You need to alarm the scanner. You need to be seen. Somehow. Then you can worry about trust, about permission.

But first you need to jolt. Even just a little one.

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