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Time For A Health Check?

Yes, a company needs to be financially healthy. If it isn’t, there is no company.

But what is the best route to a financially healthy company?

Is it unhealthy people, unhealthy partners, suppliers or customers? Probably not.

Happy and healthy clients help. Clients are happy when they’re understood. They’re people like us. We all like to be understood. Oh, and heard. Knowing what a client or customer is thinking is a good start. Knowing why they buy from you, hang out with you, like you, that’s all important. More important even than what you think you do. Clients and customers buy from you for a range of reasons; personal, professional, commercial and emotional. Oh, the ‘what’ you do comes after all these. Do you know what your clients and customers are buying?

Happy and healthy people help. The fizz of a workplace, how alive it feels, how it thinks, behaves and acts. Like our customers, clients, we want to contribute, to be heard. We are artisans. We want to contribute, to see, feel and enjoy the fruits of our labour. We want to feel some agency over our environment, over our day. We want to share in the rewards of our efforts.

Happy and healthy suppliers, partners help. We are the sum of our parts. Our parts include the companies who support us, the people who plug in to make what we do possible. The happier, healthier and stronger these components, the happier and stronger the core. This is true in nature. It’s true for our organisations. Pinch them, hold them at arms length, keep them small and you’re keeping small too.

We are the sum of our parts, so make the parts big.

Oh, and nothing lasts for ever. A bit of change is a good thing. Don’t hold on past the sell by date. If the relationship has gone stale, its ok to say goodbye.

Is That A Good Idea?

Imagine A More Exciting Alternative.