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Are You Left Holding A Dud When The Music Stops?

We get stuck.

We can’t help it, but we do.

We keep things in mind, hold on tightly. This is good. For a while. It helps us get things done.

But after a little while longer, it’s less good.

Hold on too tightly for too long and all of a sudden we pause, we look up, and find we’ve been doing the same thing, in the same way, charging the same amount, for months and years.

All the while, our market, our interests, our point of view, our customers, our customer’s customers’, have been changing. Imperceptibly so at first. Then materially so. By then, its too late.

The music stops and you’re left holding a dud. No prize for you.

Take a moment to check in. Every three months.

Where are we headed?


How will we get there?

You Are The Key.

Judo Flip Your Way To Happy Days.