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Are You Operating On Sleep Mode?

People are amazing. 

You are an infinitely more creative and powerful a super computer than the super computer in your pocket. 

What’s more, that super computer in your pocket is more powerful than the actual (then) super computer which powered the moon landings. 

That means the moon landings couldn’t have happened without you (or a version of you somewhere a little back in time).

We are creatures of amazing potential. 

However, just like the super computer in our pocket, we don’t make full use of our capabilities. For much of our lives, we are in sleep mode. Powered down. 

What if we woke up? 

We’d have the potential to make our companies, our organisations infinitely more effective, more creative, more dynamic. We’d have the potential to make the air we breathe a little fresher, the seas a little cleaner and the animals a little happier.


People’s working days disappear into a haze of busyness. There is no time to think. No time to create or connect with a bigger vision, a more inspiring vision. 

Victor Frankl, holocaust survivor and writer of interesting words, said what man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for some goal worthy of him. 

There are many things in the micro of our day-to-days and the macro of the human, social, environmental crises of our time which our super computers would do well to turn to; possible goals looking for a super computer to solve.

If we work to wake up our own super computer and work to wake up the super computers currently lost at their desks, drowning in the haze of the everyday busyness, just imagine what might be achieved, the changes we might make.

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