Working with companies and their people, making things a little bit better, all of the time.


Turn On The Tap Of Life Changing Great Ideas.

New ideas are the life blood of your business, whether you’re a big hulking mass of slow moving stodge or a nimble fleet footed fairy floating from client to client, project to project. We all need ideas.

Culture is the ground, the soil, from which your ideas can grow. Does the culture support new growth, is it full of the right nutrients? Nutrients like openness, confidence, joy. These are the conditions of growth, of change.

This is true if you’re big. This is true if you’re small. This is true if you’re many in a company or one not.

How is your personal culture, your terrain? Is it open and free and confident and joyful? If so, the conditions for growth are good. Or, is it fearful and angry and full of prickly thorns? Are you in a spring time of growth and change or an autumn time of retreat and withdraw? All are good (except the thorns. They’re bastards).

A little bit of leadership goes a long way.

If You Want A Different Outcome, Change The Inputs.