Working with companies and their people, making things a little bit better, all of the time.


Ladies and Children To The Life Rafts! (and anyone else too!)

Sometimes everything feels like hard work. That we’re pushing and priming, running and driving, applying all the effort in the world but going nowhere. Or, at least, nowhere very fast. Other people’s rivers appear to flow freely, effortlessly, around us, yet we are stuck, stranded upon an island of stodge.

We are here and they are there.

We are encased in a crust.

But crusts are crusty. They crumble and flake. And then our edges are smoother, softer. And then they’re gone. Suddenly the free flowing river of opportunity is a little bit closer. We can see it, touch it, taste it. Dip a toe in. Before we know it, we’re surfers. Riding it, rafting our very own free flowing river of opportunity.

Your stuckiness may look huge. It might be silly. It might be serious. It might be a big problem, it might be a little one. It might be a wish for new customers, more customers, happier ones. It might be for less customers or new customers. It might be for better work, different work. It might be for a new project, a new plan. It might be for people to see you, treat you, work with you differently. It might be at home, it might at (other) people’s work. it might be your own work, your own company. It might be you, it might be your whole company.

It’s a wish to get from here to there. To make a change. To do that thing.

Things are easier when we’re riding the free flowing river. They’re more effortless. We are wiser, more energetic, more creative. We can do more, achieve more, have greater impact. Hell, you even look better.

Free flowing rivers are attractive. They look good, sound good, feel good. You look good! Yep, jump in!

Are you on an island of stodge?  I have built a raft and am getting on. You should too. Don’t delay!

Put Your Hand Up Anyway.

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