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Watch What You Say.

The words we use are important. Particularly when we’re selling. 

Oh, and we’re always selling, whether we like to think so or not. 

The words we use point to the confidence we have in our product or service. They point to how useful we believe it to be, how much a problem we’re helping our customer or client solve. 

This is true for non profits too. 

Non profits are selling. If someone is making a donation, they’re not just giving you money, they’re making themselves feel better, they’re buying social capital, they might be buying influence. Whatever - the buyer, as in any transaction, has motivations. Their motivations are compelling them to transact. 

Knowing your buyers real motivations are important. Its not possible to assist them in their buying decision if we don’t know their motivations. Oh, and they buy for their benefit, not yours. And this is true for all transactions, whether a product, service or donation. 

Leading by example.

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