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You Are A Super Computer. Again

How do you treat the honey?

As you near the end of the jar, are you quick to throwaway or a keeper, making sure every last little drop finds its way to a home of toast? 

The bees are feeding you clues. 

Not sweet tasting honey clues but bigger clues, a route map, even.

Are you good at throwing away, at leaving, ending, saying goodbye? 

Or do you shirk it? Hold on for as long as possible, delaying the inevitable? 

Being good at endings is useful. 

As we plan for new projects, new adventures, new opportunities, our goodbye-ability is a key first step. 

We are great creators, imaginators (if thats a thing). 

But creating and imagining requires a certain terrain. 

Some space and some need. 

Space comes in many forms. It might be physical - like where to go to do your thinking, but its mental and emotional too. We have a certain amount of bandwidth. If you want to create, to evolve your company or organisation, you need to make some mental and emotional bandwidth first.

Too often we don't do this. We hold on to the honey pot. We’re unsure about saying goodbye, about ending a project, putting down a client (not literally, like an old dog) - fearful of the consequences. All that holding on - to the project, the client, the idea, whatever -, thats taking a lot of bandwidth, bandwidth which might more usefully go to creating, conceiving, imagining something new.

So, the first step to creating is probably an ending. 

Something needs to go to create the space for something new. 

It has an added benefit too - in putting down the old client, the old idea, the old project you not only create the headspace, but you also probably create a little more need - that other characteristic of creativity. A need to replace the client, the money, the time the old used to occu

Watch What You Say.

You Are The Key.