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You Are The Key.

Our brains are brilliant.

They learn quickly. Billions of connections, pathways of knowledge, little routes to getting things done, laid down to be revisited the next time we do that thing, go that way, have that thought. 

They learn quickly, but they change slowly.

No need to create a new little pathway, a new route of knowledge - we’ve already solved that, thanks! 

Before we know it, we’re doing the same thing, over and over. 

Of course, that’s a good thing, for almost everything.

But not everything. 

Every now and then it pays to shake the bottle, to wake the drink. 

To ask ourselves, why am I doing this, or why am I doing it this way? 

To do that, you need a little space.

You need to ask - or be asked - some questions which make us see in a way, in a new light. 

Maybe it would pay to spend a day a week with people who don’t do things like you do. Maybe it would pay to add completely different perspectives into your company, into your day-to-day. Maybe it would pay to invest some of your resources into ways of thinking and doing materially different from your own. Just a little bit, but done all the time.

Little things done often and the improvements compound.

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