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Be a colony; you, me and an ever changing pool of everyone

I read a book about the Octopus. A completely alternative experiment in consciousness from our own. But that’s a story for another day.

It concludes with a look at aging - how and why we do, when by many measures, given we are ever renewing cells, we might not.

Colonies come with their own resilience, their own ability to regenerate, to renew. Parts can fall off or die and the whole lives on. Markets work this way. As do societies too, I guess.

And what about our companies, the organisations - organisms? - we own, run or work for?

Are they a flexible colony where parts can fall off, wither and die, or are they more fixed? Organisms where we hold on to the bits that should be left to die and with it compromise the health of the whole? A little bit of death is natural, is a good thing. e

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