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The Value of The Really Old

Ideas which stand the test of time deserve our greatest attention.

Yet this is hard to do in a world when we’re always distracted, seduced by the idea that new is better.

The Buddha, he had good ideas - together other prophet types too, of course. 

More recently (but old by many standards), Peter Drucker had very good ideas about how and why we should manage our businesses, maybe even our lives, from an opportunity rather than problem perspective; that we should be effective, not efficient. 

There are, for sure, a small number of things that we do that are most useful, whether to us, our family, our friends, our colleagues and clients. Knowing that they are would be a good idea. Then we could do more of them and bravely put down all the other shit we clog up our day-to-day thinking, doing, working about.  

It Never Ends!

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