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What To Do When You're Stuck?

What to do when your business is a little stuck? When you’re running, running, running to stand still?

Know the feeling?

I heard a story about someone who used to sell books in the 1920’s. 

People would buy more or less of the same book depending on the title. Obvious? Maybe. But the point is this. The book itself, the product, is almost irrelevant. People buy the promise of the title. 

Our products and services aren’t too expensive or well enough understood, or whatever other obstacles you’re trying to surmount. It just doesn’t come with enough benefit. 

A title is a benefit summed up. 

If you’re feeling stuck, you need to change the metaphorical title. 

I don’t mean the name, I mean the promise, the benefit of being on the inside, of being part of the club.  

If you change the promise, the ambition, you start playing a different game. 

Is your product changing its world? 

Is your business changing its world?

Irrespective, how am I changed, as a person, by owning your product? 

Who is your product for? 

More importantly, who is not for? 

Create some edge. 

Pick a fight. 

Stand for something. 

Don’t ‘out product’ other options. 

Change the game! 

Its time to sell a vision, not a product. 

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