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How Are You Attractive?

How are you attractive? 

Babies like to feel good. They’re always looking for cues that all is cool. 

They feel the tension in your arms. They are looking into your eyes. Your dilating pupils are talking to them. All the time. They are looking for the cues beyond the words. They look for the cues, despite the words. They’re doing this before they can talk. 

Our brains, with the billions and trillions and neurones and connections, are working hard on these kinds of things all the time. The neurones and connections are working hard on these things, despite us. 

Our bodies and brains are constantly scanning for signals; signals of which we are largely oblivious. 

But they are signals which are telling a story about you, your business, your shop. These cues and signals are what make you attractive to your customers. 

The attractiveness of your business is largely down to the signals you send. 

If your business was looking for a mate, which it is, of sorts, how would you go about finding one? 

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