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Grandpa Loves to Travel

There is common understanding (a relatively recent phenomenon, as it turns out) among anthropologists that we evolved from the same pool, the same batch. Whilst this helpfully puts a stake through ideas of ‘race’ and who might better or worse, it’s reminds us we share common attributes.

When I say grandpa likes to travel, I don’t mean that grandpa. Although mine does like to. Even at 95. I mean the really old one. The great, great, great 2,498x grandpa. He who got up, with grandma and uncle and aunty and cousins and brothers and sisters and about 144 other members of his closest family, and hit the road. Clean out of Africa. Hit the road and kept on walking, sending branches off to the entire world over a 10,000 period. Thats a lot of walking. But a little amount of genes. The same as you and ours. Broadly.

We all descended from these adventurers, these creators.

We have this ability to create anew, to create afresh, to shake off the shackles of the day-to-day and hit the road. This need not mean literally hitting the road (which would hurt), but metaphorically. We can adventure, we can create anew here and now.

We all have a little Grandpa Adventure Caveman in our bones. Maybe its time to awaken him (or her), to help him stir. That adventurous spirit is good for helping us imagine the work we want to do, for helping our companies conceive more creative solutions to the problems they face. But maybe most importantly, the adventuring seed of grandpa caveman might be the source from which we conceive the most creative solutions to the biggest issues of our day. Like climate change and doing something about Boris Johnson.

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