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When Doing The Opposite Is A Good Thing To Do

I’ve signed you up for an ‘anti sales training’ day.

Lots of businesses rely on front line sales staff who don’t know - or believe - that’s what they do.

they’re the people who look after clients every day. they might be designers, account leads, accountants, lawyers. Your sales are the sum of these interactions, compounding or contracting each hour, every day.

These guys aren’t sales people. Oh no, they’re practitioners, artists, pioneers.

Connecting these people to an idea of sales which doesnt make them feel dirty or somehow less than, seems to be important for your ability to run a business, well and profitably.

You need some ‘anti sales training’.

Sales need not be dirty. Or a battle. Or persuading someone to do something they don’t like. Its a process of me understanding you to help me do the thing I like.


What Are We Really Saying?